Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Childrens afternoon out

In April I took a friend and the children she minds to the plot to have a look and plant some seeds. This afternoon they joined me and another friend again to see how their seeds had turned out. We took a picnic and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine.

The children thought it was fantastic! They went straight to the strawberry patch and enjoyed picking the strawberries. Next they explored the broad beans until we found some that were nearly ripe so obviously we picked them. 5 out of the 6 really liked the broad beans before returning to the strawberry patch for another strawberry.

The radishes that had been ravished by the slugs a few weeks ago were the ones that the children had planted at the beginning of April.  We had a forage around and found quite a few that hadn't been eaten so sent them home with the children who had planted them. We ended up bringing some home and an onion one of the lads pulled out for me.

An enjoyable afternoon had by all I think . :-D

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