Saturday, 21 June 2014

Our first crop

Haven't posted for a few days but meant to post this Wednesday evening. Having spent the afternoon at the plot, I went back to the allotment later in the evening once all the little Ps were tucked up and fast asleep to begin the task of emptying our first raised bed. Having seen how the plants in the garlic bed had fallen over earlier I decided it was the to lift them.  I thought it would be a struggle one armed but managed to get the fork under and lifted the soil enough to break them lose.  I was glad I hadn't left them any longer as the outer skins on some were starting to rot.

Our fabulous crop! Some have split properly some haven't but either they are going to get eaten. Fantastic feeling of gratification when your hard work pays off :-)

One odd thing I did find, this one had started to form a second bulb half way up the stem. Does anyone know what causes this to happen? 

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