Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Blooming marvelous and veggie's gone wild

After a week away in Cornwall, we couldn't wait to get back to the plot and what a surprise we got!

Blooming Marvelous

Starting front to back, a few weeds had cropped up in the flowerbed but on the whole the flowers were growing well and the Nigella I planted from seed were all flowering. The algae I put around the Nigella on one side is decomposing and plants are looking slightly stronger than the other side.

I need to weed the path again between the 2 beds, but 10 minutes and the bed was looking good. 

Just behind the bed is our dwarf beans that we have barked.

They are doing well. Plants that were half dead are starting to form buds and all the others are flowering. The soil underneath the bark is retaining moisture and there are only a couple of weeds that have cropped up on the periphery of the bark at its thinnest point. Definitely a success. We are going to start covering the rest of the plot with bark as we clear it.

Our potatoes have died back so will be digging them up this week.

Veggies Gone Wild

Just before we went away I noticed we had some courgettes that were nearly ready, but going away decided to leave them on the plant. 

This is our latest pickings but it is not easy to see how monstrous they are from this picture so to give you a better perspective here is the photo I took just before picking them.

  CP helped me to pick them.  As you can see they are fatter than her legs and the largest is almost as wide as her size 9 foot!

Before we left I found a couple of pumpkins on our giant pumpkin plant.

They were about the size of ping pong balls.

After a week they are now larger than the rose off the watering can.

The plant is spreading well and is full of flowers. Next job to train it and take some of the ends off the runners. Also going to bark the area. Girls are looking forward to Halloween this year having grown their own pumpkins :-)

Finally our beetroot. They are still growing well and the largest are now the size of Jas' small football. They were about the size of a hockey ball before our travels.

All this without the use of Uncle Brian's nettle fertilizer. Next experiment will be using the fertilizer on half the plants to see if it makes a difference, with monster veg already, don't think we will be needing it but will be good to get some nutrients back into the soil.

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