Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I don't know about you, but we have been inundated with courgettes. Over the past few weeks I've used them to make pasta sauce, ratatouille, 3 bean chili stuffed courgettes with the large ones and finally chocolate courgette brownies, which were all very tasty.

Now however I have run out of ideas as of what to do with them and need inspiration. If anyone can suggest a recipe that has worked well for them please comment.

Looking forward to experimenting in the kitchen and will post some of the end results. :-)


  1. Bbq or grill courgette then dress with tiny bits of red chilli and lime juice.

    Courgette bhajiis

    1. Like those suggestions. Will give them a go 😊

  2. I grate them into bolognese and we have also been juicing them a lot. If you add a lemon to the juice it is actually quite delicious!

    There i a good recipe for courgette and orange cake on the BBC good food website.