Thursday, 28 May 2015

Plot 47

We have expanded !!!

We have taken over plot 47 which is the second plot across from our own. The previous owner came to me at the start of the week after reading my application for a second plot and offered to sell me his. He had two full plots but was struggling to keep on top of both plots, deciding to downsize to just a single half plot. I remember when we first took on Plot 45 we were very impressed and envious of the owners on plot 47 and 48. Their Plots were so well organised and looked beautiful with an abundance of fruit and vegetables.

So lets take a look around. Looking at the plot from the well maintained lawn at the front....

.... and from the back of the plot across what was once a cut flower bed. Anybody recognise any of these plants? It would be nice to return it to its former glory.

So break down from front to back:
The flowerbed is more established than the one on 45 with the additional Fuscia JJ planted near the sign.

There are five beds between the flowerbed and the fruit cage. The little P's have decided they want one of these beds to grow their own crops. We can't wait to see what they come up with.

One of the beds has become overgrown with rhubarb but not a big issue to sort out.

The fruit cage has a cultivated Blackberry that has been trained around the frame.

There are also Loganberries that have also been trained around a frame.

There are a further 2 raised beds inside the cage...

.....and raspberry canes making a comeback.

Behind the fruit cages there are 3 fruit trees: an apple...

A plum tree....

and finally a cherry tree.

There are two beds both around the same size, but slightly smaller than the potato bed on Plot 45.

And finally 2 more beds which have become very overgrown or as Mark calls it, 'our wilderness'. The Little Ps would like to turn the bed with the branches and wood on it into a play area with a swing and slide.

There is what every gardener needs, a shed, which I have been informed has been standing for over 10 years, however it is starting to fall apart.

We were also very kindly gifted a petrol lawnmower by the previous owner although some TLC may be needed before it sees any action!

Overall the plot isn't in too bad a shape. Most of the beds are ready to be planted following a dig over. The beds that are overgrown needs some TLC but we will get there.

The previous owners said they were pleased it was going to someone they know will love it and love it we will.

Thanks for reading :)

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