Friday, 31 July 2015

3rd blog in a week!

Where has the month gone? It's been a busy month here and plots 45 and 47 are finally getting the TLC they deserve.

Before getting into the weekly events I wanted to share these pictures. Firstly our crystal cucumbers which are full of fruit and flowers.

Additionally the gherkins and cucamelons are also happy and full of flowers and fruit.


So what have we been up to this week?

The bed towards the back of 47 was dug over last weekend and since then it has rained every time I got my scruffs on ready to go the plot. Not helped by the stinking cold that's been brewing for the past week. (Yes I know picking in the rain was not the smartest move there but so worth it.)

All those plants that have been in desperate need of transplanting have finally gone in. I know they are late but hey better late than never.

We've tried to do a bit of companion planting. We've planted across the short distance of the bed. In the middle are our leeks and next to them are our carrots. Next to the carrots are our purple sprouts and a couple feet away from them are our dwarf patio tomatoes. Mr P and KP spent ages untangling roots and digging holes for leeks ;)


On the other side of the leeks are our parsnips. We started them germinating in a tub between two damp pieces of kitchen roll. This is a tip picked up from another blog and I am very sorry but I can't recall who posted it. Feel free to blow your own trumpet and comment and post the link in the comments. It worked very well on plot 45 and every single parsnip came up! The ones that went in yesterday had quite a bit of greenery on them as they had been sat in the tub so long. Mark spent time taking great care to ensure none of the roots were disturbed as he separated them and planted them. These really should have gone in months ago but as we eat a lot of parsnips and have dug them up before in to February before we thought we would try. If they succeed fantastic, if not we have to ration the ones on 45.

To the other side of the parsnips are spring onions. These are only a couple weeks of being ready and were growing well in the seed tray but why grow in a container when you have such a large space to fill?

In the corner away from everything we have planted sweetcorn. They are tall and stringy and it is very late, however I'm a firm believer in giving a plant a chance. Also topped with some good organic nettle stew they will thrive very quickly.

I found some sweet peas that had been missed so have planted them around the empty poles near the gherkins. The plants measured between 6 inches and 18 inches.

We also moved our Beef tomato outside as it seemed to be struggling in the greenhouse.

The finished bed.


Completed by a scattering of chicken pellets (some were dug through before planting) and a net over the sprouts and carrots to keep anything off wanting to have a munch.

Finally we have been given two red gooseberry bushes. They will make good additions to the fruit cage.

Next blog? Jams and sorbet.

Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend.

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  1. Busy week ahead clearing weeds at the back of plot 47 but it'll be worth it :)