Monday, 6 July 2015

We're into the last few of weeks of term so unsurprisingly last week was yet another manic week. Saying that, we've managed to get a few bits done at the plot and everything is flourishing with the arrival of summer.

Yesterday I was the first one on site!! Definitely a first for a Sunday morning ;) My reward was a breakfast of strawberries, raspberries and loganberries. Although they do taste a lot better when you haven't just brushed your teeth!

We are picking around a kilo of strawberries a day. I had to share this photo, a regular strawberry and one from the plot. All very sweet and juicy. I have found an interesting recipe for strawberry wine so if Mark is up for it we could get the home brew kit out again ;)

Our broad beans have fallen victim to black fly again and were starting to show signs of rust so I have had to remove them :( The bed has had a thorough digging over and all seeds discarded, we will have to start again in the Autumn and I already have a spot in mind :)

With a bed going spare it was time to rummage in the greenhouse and I came across some very pot bound tomatoes in desperate need of re-homing. They were ready to go out a month ago but with the inconsistent weather I decided to wait a while longer.

We have four different varieties, but I'm not entirely sure what two are called as we were given leftovers by a friend. The two I do know are hundreds and thousands and striped. We grew striped last year and these are the remainder of our seeds. I will make a point of collecting more seeds ready for next year.

I removed several of our marigolds from the flower bed and have companion planted them with the tomatoes to ward off any unwanted nasties. Mark erected wigwams around the tomatoes last year to support them, they're ready and waiting for when the tomatoes take off.

So what to do with the gaps in the flowerbed? Last year I collected seeds from our Gazania plants and have grown our own this year. With vibrant red and yellow flowers, they should be a colourful alternative.

So what's the plan for this week?

Maintenance is the agenda of the week. With only 2 weeks left until the end of term and having loose ends to tie up at work, time is precious.

Weeds are creeping back and 47 is looking untidy so that will be the focus for the next few days.

There's still plants left in the greenhouse to transplant although not all of them will go outside, some just need bigger pots.

I have to be realistic, after all I am a one armed bandit and not superwoman ;)

Thanks for reading. Have a good week:)

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