Friday, 25 September 2015

Here comes Autumn

Been a busy week here on plots 45 and 47 and we are into the start of the Autumn tidy up. (when is it not a busy week here?)

The first bed on 47 has been thoroughly cleared and the discovery of the two asparagus crowns has inspired us to turn a large proportion of the bed over to them.

I came across an offer for free manure on the provisor that the bags containing it be returned for refilling. Unfortunately there was only 10 bags but it was enough for the first bed. (Besides don't want to burn the asparagus that's already there.)

This week we have also been testing recipes for the Kohlrabi. I started off with fritters and have experimented with different spices. Decided I quite like them with cayenne pepper and a touch of smoked paprika and the obligatory freshly ground salt and black pepper. However, Mr P and the little Ps were not too impressed.

I think next time I will add them to bhajis without saying anything 😉

We have also raided the 50p seed buckets at our local Wyevale garden centre. 2 hours later and around £25 spent, we have an interesting array of choice for next year and have started planning in preparation for spring.

Our strawberry and plum wines are still bubbling away and our next experiment is going to be rhubarb.

So what's next?
Plant the winter green manure mix, acquire more manure and get the onions and garlic in as well as continuing to clear beds as crops finish.

Thank you for reading. Happy digging :)q

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