Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Idle gardeners nearly miss spring!

Have a confession to make, it's been over a month since we last did any productive work on the plot! Popped up to water the green house and empty the compost bin but not done any work. :-o

So what have we been doing?

We've had 2 birthdays, Mother's day, Crufts, Easter and been on holiday! Oh and we welcomed this little fellow into our family:

As you can see he's really made himself at home! No that's not his bowl on the table ;-)

As we're finally able to stop being idle gardeners we decided to go investigate the plot and this is what we found.

Nearly missed these beauts, the bottom tulip has a double forming, not seen that before. The daffodils have mostly gone but got to see the pretty example at the top. We picked up a bag of mixed daffodil varieties last autumn and they appear to have come through well.

Flower bed desperately in need of a good hacking back and weeding.

Leeks, white onions, red onions, 5 types of garlic and shallots, all doing well. Early garlic should be ready end of May!

The caterpillar has collapsed again however we have found that some of the cabbages and broccoli have survived.

However they are sharing the area with this fungus. Any thoughts please?

Rhubarb has com back nicely, however the flower on this plant is being eaten by ants. Again any suggestions on how to stop them would be appreciated.

Fingers crossed for a good crop of pears and blackcurrants this year. Looking hopeful so far.

Plums are looking good and found the remains of a net the wind carried.

Guess we've got a lot to get on with. Not to mention all the potatoes we've got chitting. Will keep you posted with the progress. :-)