Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Many hands make light work

Following a few days of good weather, combined with the little and often principal, we got quite a lot done over the weekend and with Dad W paying a visit, we stopped to have a good look around before setting to it again.

The strawberry plants that I thinned in March are back in full force and full of flowers. looking forward to experimenting with the strawberry wine, plus I have a fantastic strawberry shortcake recipe I can't wait to try out.

CP's bed has had a layer of compost and organic slug repellent pellets down.  The peas she replanted are starting to make an appearance and the flower seeds are starting to shoot.

The chickpeas JJ planted in her bed a few weeks ago have finally made an appearance.

The changeable weather has helped the garlic and shallots to thrive, growing 6 inches in a week.

The raspberries are starting to blossom. It's amazing to think that 2 months ago they were nothing but stumps and now they are tall and full of buds.

We were given a cucumber plant by Dad P and it has doubled in size and is flowering with 3 small cucumbers forming.

The seedlings are growing well now they are being watered more frequently.

The smaller tomatoes sprang up overnight whereas the others have been up for a few weeks now.

The Winston potatoes have broken the surface so the mounds have received a good top up of bark and are now a foot tall, but will need topping up again by the end of the week.

The right side of the flowerbed has been well covered by the wild strawberry. The only weeds that have survived are the docks, which will take some serious digging. A job for when I am feeling more capable. In the mean time the strawberries are doing a good job of warding off the other weeds.

The flowers are managing to break through the layer of strawberries and these Tulips are looking pretty beautiful.

On 47 Mr P managed to dig most of this bed the other weekend. The rest of the bed as you see is  not great but the plan is to focus on 47 now 45 is well underway.

Bob went exploring with the camera this evening and spotted that the Wild Geraniums were flowering in the back flowerbed of 47. 

While Bob was off with the camera, Mum and Dad W, CP, JJ and I were busy potting on, watering and designing potato buckets. We potted on Tomatoes, cucumbers, butternut squash from the greenhouse


I planted baby sweetcorn and melons on Friday. Today, 4 days later, they were ready to be potted on.


CP and JJ had great fun with the chalk pens designing their own potato buckets and planting their own Supertatoes. (The Little P's new favourite superhero)


JJ planted 3 Pink Fir Apple and CP planted the Supertato she decorated at school and brought home to become a Super-Growing-Tato.

Dad was my hero today. Lugging bags of compost, filling pots with compost ready for me to plant the young plants and carrying heaving watering cans.

As the rain clouds gathered we called it an evening. The greenhouse is overflowing with tomatoes and cucumbers and the melons, squash and babycorn have enough room to grow while we finish preparing the beds on 47.

Thanks for reading and happy digging. :)

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