Monday, 23 May 2016


Things are moving along here on 45 still and I have plants nearly ready for 47. The little and often approach is working and I am now managing to drive myself to the allotment. 

CP and I last went up yesterday to pot on the courgettes and check on the greenhouse. I had not been feeling very well at the end of last week so I asked a friend to check on things for me.

The greenhouse is being overtaken by tomatoes and cucumbers. We have 3 cucumber plants and well over a dozen different tomato plants. I think the plan is to rearrange the greenhouse this week and move the smaller table out to make room for them.

The peas are ready for planting out, as are the sweetpeas. The sweetpeas will be going up the trellis towards the back of 45. The old parts of a greenhouse that had been leaning against it were taken by the scrapman last week. We leave the top as a nature section however a quick strim around the edge and they will be planted.

I managed a small amount of weeding in the large raised bed where the root veg will be going, CP and I managed to top up the bark using the small child's spade and a bucket which we both lifted. It took 7 trips but was worth it. Next visit we will plant the seeds, although CP has already planted some beetroot in her bed. We found the root veg grew really well in the bark last year so will plant carrots, beets and parsnip, parsnip going in the middle so less disturbed. I have some onions that I've started from seed but I think will only get as far as developing into sets for next year, so I will plant some near the carrot rows to deter the nasties.

The rhubarb on both plots is spectacular and I will be playing with recipes in the coming week. The strawberries are the one that I am really looking forward to. I'm setting the Little P's a challenge to find more interesting recipes. They are forming nicely and I find my mouth watering in anticipation.

One last quick check around and the greenhouse watered. Time to come home and rest feeling satisfied at having achieved more than planned. (I hadn't planned on topping up the bark in the raised bed.) I had also spoken to a fellow committee member regarding what would be acceptable to do on 47 given my current abilities, which left me feeling a lot happier. However the most satisfying part was knowing that I managed to get myself there to start doing the work.

Thanks for reading and happy digging. :)