Thursday, 5 May 2016

Withdrawal symptoms

So it's been 3 and a half weeks since I have visited the plots and I am itching to get my hands dirty. Not being able to walk there or drive myself, I persuaded Mr P to take me for a look around last night.

I was pleased to see that the seedlings were coming on nicely in the greenhouse although they have been somewhat neglected in my absence and were desperate for a good drink.

The slugs had been at it again and taken the tops off CP's peas. Luckily she planted 3 trays full in  the greenhouse so she can transplant them at the weekend.

JJ's leeks are starting to grow but again the slugs have been busy chewing the tops off her onion sets and the flowers she planted. Slug repellent pellets and coffee grounds for the soil going down on the next visit. At least that's one job I can do, or rather help CP to do!

The shallots are all up as are the garlic cloves planted in March.

There's no sign of the Winston potatoes yet however the pots in the greenhouse are shooting through. We planted these last year hoping for a Christmas harvest, however It looks like we will have a good crop this Summer. (along with stray pea plant by CP)

The flowers in the flowerbed are blooming and the tulips are looking spectacular. As usual the weeds are invading but they will have to wait until I am able to pick up a fork. The Nigella are back in full force too.

In the mean time there are dozens of packets of seeds to be planted which is something I can do with some help from the Little P's while Mr P is taming the weeds.

Thanks for reading. Happy digging :)

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