Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Mr P's return to the plot

On the whole it's been a glorious week weatherwise. Had a couple of wet and cold days but the weather held for the bank holiday.

So what have we been up to on plots 45 and 47? 

For the bank holiday we took a few days out and visited Lands End in Cornwall and had a fantastic few days on the beach enjoying the sunshine.

Lands End
 The Little P's proved they could build the biggest castle on the beach with this beauty, taking time decorate it using sea glass, pebbles, shells and anything they could find on the beach. Beach scavenger hunts definitely produce the best treasures.

Sennen Cove construction

Sennen cove construction from the front

Day 2 and getting bored of sandcastles they made a turtle and decided to dig to China. After digging 2 foot down they decided it would be more fun to bury each other. We are still finding sand hidden away in places we didn't expect and probably will be for the next few weeks. Safe to say we all had an enjoyable time at the beach.


Back home and the work never stops. I've been busy maintaining areas on 45. Reheaping potatoes with help and working my way through the weeds.

Mr P has been busy getting on top of 47. He's started strimmimg and clearing around the fruit trees and started digging around the bases of the trees.

I planted marigolds and giant marigolds again this year so they have been planted around the base of the tree.

The bed I started digging before I was ill is being cleared, just the section around the barrel to go. The squash and pumpkins have been potted on again so they can keep growing until we can get them in.

So that's where we're up to. Mr P's handy work is certainly having a much needed impact on 47. I'm off now to do a bit more work on 45.

Thanks for reading and keep digging. :)

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