Thursday, 16 February 2017

Spring is in the air

It might be the middle of February, however it certainly feels Spring like today. The sun was shining and casting warmth and chasing away those winter cobwebs. I love going to the allotment at this time, as I get to see the first daffodils and crocus' popping their tops out and enjoying the early sun.

For the first time in weeks I feel I have done enough work to warrant writing a post. Previous visits quickly turned cold and wanting to keep warm I had no intension of taking my gloves for risk of frostbite! Ok a tad exadurated, but I was not removing them until somewhere warm!

So, what have I managed to achieve today? Well I cleared CP's bed and rediscovered she had a Dianthus and Narcissus bulbs hiding amongst the grass.

I also decided to be proactive instead of reactive and removed the majority of the couch grass roots, which had woven their way through the membrane. Not a particularly easy task but I'm confident removed enough to slow it's regrowth for a while.

We now have no obstructions for replacing the broken beds, the debate is now on do we use deck boards to replace them and do we paint them?

Hope you have all had a positive start to 2017.

Thanks for reading and keep digging :)

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