Thursday, 23 March 2017

Surely there shallot of puns out there???!!!

I am enjoying my time at the allotment at the moment and am waiting for the bad weather to do one so I can get on with backfilling the new beds. When I'm at work the sun is shining, when I am free to visit the Lottie it is persisting it down. Oh well take advantage whenever I get the chance.

I have started planting in the 2 beds now they are settled. 2 beds of shallots from last years harvest. Definitely a satisfying feeling knowing that we are using what we have already grown. I made sure I hid them from Mr P and KP otherwise they would have ended up in a tart served for boxing day dinner. The plan is to companion plant carrots. Fingers crossed!

Next job finish back filling the rest of the beds from the compost heap. Here's hoping for a dry day tomorrow so I can get an hour or so in before the Little P's come rampaging out of school.

Short but sweet today. Thanks for reading. Happy digging :)

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